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Top predicted questions of PTE Writing – June prediction 2022

Most of the students think writing is very tough to deal with. They literally get scared mostly when it comes to writing an Essay. But do you know, that you can get a full score in PTE writing by following some simple techniques and templates?

Our monthly prediction file provides you with a collection of the most important questions about PTE. Before moving forward, let’s have a quick idea about what is a Prediction File?

Our Prediction file is a collection of real exam questions for the PTE Exam that may appear in future exams also. It is developed on continuous checking of the frequency of any question’s repetition in 40 PTE Centres in 12 countries. We bring a  new prediction file every month and our students get an overall 60% of common questions from this file. 

This June our prediction file has a more than 60% of hit rate for the PTE exam. Let’s check the most important questions from the PTE Writing section that are predicted to appear in the PTE exam in the month of June. 

In PTE Writing there are 2 types of questions.

  1. Summarize Written Text (SWT)

  2. Write Essay

In the PTE exam, You can get this number of Essay & Summarize Written Text given below,

⇒If you get 2  SWT, you may get 2 Essay

⇒If you get 3 SWT, you may get 1 Essay (90% of the time you get this combination of questions)

⇒If you get 2  SWT, you may get 1 Essay

⇒If you get 2  SWT, you may get 2 Essay

June 22 Week 2 03 e1656398517755

Summarize Written Text is the first item of the PTE Writing section. You have to read the paragraph that will appear on the computer screen and write a summary on that. You will get 1-2 tasks on it. You will get 10 minutes per task. Time management in this task is automated. You can’t carry forward the time for one task to the next one. You will get 7 marks for per correct answer.

Time management in SWT:

  • Reading : 3 mins

  • Writing: 6 mins

  • Editing: 1 min

Scoring System: 

In written text, identifying the main content of the topic is very important.

  • The content carries 2 marks in SWT.

  • 1 mark for the form of the sentence that should contain 5-75 words in it.

  • 2 marks for grammar (Compound & Complex sentences)

  • 2 marks for vocab

Here, if the content is out of the track, you get zero (0)

Techniques for Reading: 

  • Identify the keywords= Repeated words/phrases 

  • Don’t include the name and the years in the summary if there is different names and years in the same paragraph

  • Topic sentence: the main idea is found mostly at the beginning of the paragraph, supported by example/details.

  • Copy & paste from the paragraph ( Not using the mouse but writing exactly as in the paragraph)

Techniques for Writing:

  • Form compound and complex sentences adding relative pronouns like which/that/when . also use clauses

  • Use Semicolon (;)

  • Use Comma (,)

Ways to connect the sentences:

  • Similar – and, moreover. There are a lot, but these 2 should do the job 

  • Contrasting – but, however. Do not use although, despite, even though, though, in spite of. Too many rules attached to it. 

  • Cause-Effect – Something happens and as a result something happened.  So, therefore, because or because of.

  • Adverb – moreover, however, therefore. Adverbial discourse markers need to be between 2 commas. If you are starting the sentence obviously u will just need 1 comma.

Top 5 Summarize Written Text from the June prediction file,

1. Technology Prediction

As far as prediction is concerned, remember that the chairman of IBM predicted in the fifties that the world would need a maximum of around half a dozen computers, that the British Department for Education seemed to think in the eighties that we would all need to be able to code in BASIC and that in the nineties Microsoft failed to foresee the rapid growth of the Internet. Who could have predicted that one major effect of the automobile would be to bankrupt small shops across the nation? Could the early developers of the telephone have foreseen its development as a medium for person-to-person communication, rather than as a form of broadcasting medium? We all, including the ‘experts’, seem to be peculiarly inept at predicting the likely development of our technologies, even as far as the next year. We can, of course, try to extrapolate from experience of previous technologies, as I do below by comparing the technology of the Internet with the development of other information and communication technologies and by examining the earlier development of radio and print. But how justified I might be in doing so remains an open question. You might conceivably find the history of the British and French videotext systems, Prestel and Minitel, instructive. However, I am not entirely convinced that they are very relevant, nor do I know where you can find information about them online, so, rather than take up space here, I’ve briefly described them in a separate article.

2. Women’s Institutes

[Paragraph 1] WI was established more than 100 years ago, but gender equality has not yet achieved. Even
with the equality law, the gender pay gap is still there and women are still earning much less than men.
[Paragraph 2] Women need to improve themselves, in areas such as ……
[Paragraph 3] So we can see that there is still a lot more that we need to do, such as STEM. And
governments should take actions.

3. Raw Honey Health Benefits

According to Dr. Ron Fessenden, MD, MPH, the average American consumes more than 150 pounds of
refined sugar, plus an additional 62 pounds of high fructose corn syrup every year. In comparison, we
consume only around 1.3 pounds of honey per year on average in the U.S. According to new research, if
you can switch out your intake of refined sugar and use pure raw honey instead, the health benefits can be
enormous. What is raw honey? It’s a pure, unfiltered, and unpasteurized sweetener made by bees from the
nectar of flowers. Most of the honey consumed today is processed honey that’s been heated and
filtered since it was gathered from the hive. Unlike processed honey, raw honey does not get robbed of its
incredible nutritional value and health powers. What are some of the benefits of raw honey? It can help
with everything from low energy to sleep problems to seasonal allergies. Switching to raw honey may even
help weight-loss efforts when compared to diets containing sugar or high fructose corn syrup. I’m excited
to tell you more about one of my all-time favorite natural sweeteners today, which I hope will convince you
to eat honey more and sugarless.

4. Double Blind

The feature of being “double-blind”, where neither patients nor physicians are aware of who receives the
experimental treatment, is almost universally trumpeted as being a virtue of clinical trials. Hence, trials that
fail to remain successfully double-blind are regarded as providing inferior evidential support. The rationale
for this view is unobjectionable: double-blinding rules out the potential confounding influences of patient
and physician beliefs. Nonetheless, viewing a double-blind trial as necessarily superior is problematic. For
one, it leads to the paradox that very effective experimental treatments will not be supportable by best
evidence. If a new drug were to make even the most severe symptoms of the common cold disappear
within seconds, most participants and investigators would correctly identify it as the latest wonder drug
and not the control (i.e. placebo) treatment. Any trial testing the effectiveness of this wonder drug will
therefore fail to remain double-blind. Similar problems arise for treatments, such as exercise and most
surgical techniques, whose nature makes them resistant to being tested in double-blind conditions. It
seems strange that an account of evidence should make prior judgments that certain claims can never be
supported by ‘best evidence’. It would be different if the claims at issue were pseudoscientific –
untestable. But so far as treatments with large effects go, the claim that they are effective is highly testable
and intuitively they should receive greater support from the evidence than do claims about treatments with
moderate effects.

5. Wright brothers

V1: Orville and Wilbur Wright were brothers living in Dayton, Ohio. The two had started making bicycles
during the 1890s and had a successful small business selling their Wright Specials for $18 each ($475 in
today’s green). This experience with building light, strong machines would prove valuable in the coming
years after the brothers’ interest turned to flight. Others in the United States were also developing aircraft
at the time the Wright brothers started turning their curiosity skyward. Samuel Langley had flown an
unmanned steam-powered aircraft in 1896. Octave Chanute and others were flying gliders near Chicago
late in the decade as well. But it wasn’t until the Wright brothers started working on the matter that the
“flying problem” would finally be solved. Beginning in 1899, the brothers designed and built a series of
gliders to test their various ideas on a flying machine. They constructed a wind tunnel that allowed them
to test designs without having to build a full-size model. They even built their own gasoline-powered motor
for their aircraft.


June 22 Week 2 02 e1656398557168

If you compare between PTE essay writing and IELTS essay writing, you will find IELTS essay writing more difficult where PTE essay writing seems too easy as you can use some structured templates that make this tough item so easy. Structure doesn’t only help in terms of word limits, it also helps in timing, vocabulary, and grammar. 

You get 1-2 Essay writing tasks in your PTE exam. You need to write 200-300 words per Essay. Ideal word limit is 280- 300 for 79+ and you get 20 mins per Essay. The time slot is automated for the Essay.

Importance of the item:

Write Essay solely contributes 15% score in PTE Writing.

If you get 1 Essay in the exam, you cover 15% score of the whole Exam

If you get 2  Essays in the exam, you cover a 30% score. So, It’s better to get 2 Essays in the exam to boost your writing score.

Scoring System: Marking Criteria:

In Write Essay you get 15 marks per Essay. The mark is divided into the criteria below,

  1. Content (3): It’s the main ideas and key points of the topic. You get 0 marks if the topic is out of track. That means if it doesn’t match the content of the essay. 

  2. Form (2): It is the word limit of 200-300

  3. Grammar (2): Use complex and compound sentences. Don’t make any grammar mistakes, as 1 mistake will cost you losing 1 mark.

  4. Vocabulary (2): Use appropriate words and academic synonyms.

  5. Spelling (2): 1 Misspelled word= 1 mark

  6. Linguistic use (2): It is supported by the structure

  7. Logical Use (2): You need to use the logical flow,(Idea > Explanation > Example > Conclude)

Time management for Writing Essay:

As the timing is automated in Essay writing, you need to manage your time.

  • Idea generation: 2-3 Minutes. Read the essay topic carefully.

  • Writing Time: 15-16 minutes.

  • Spelling & Grammar check: 2 Minutes

There are 3 types of Essay:

  1. 1 Topic Essay: 1 statement essay. Question type Agree or Disagree.

  2. 2 Topic Essay: Hints to identify this type of Essay are, (and/but/or/rather than/ while/ a full stop)

  3. Problem solution questions


  1. Finding Keywords

  2. Creating a Topic Sentence

  3. Obtaining 2 ideas

  4. Vocabulary 

Strategies & Techniques:

You need to follow the structure to write an essay properly. 


The importance/effect of TOPIC, which was always debatable, has now become more controversial. It can be agreed strongly upon the fact that this matter has some convincing arguments despite the contentions about it. This essay will discuss how IDEA 1 and how IDEA 2, and thus will lead to a reasoned conclusion.


At the outset, there are numerous reasons why/how TOPIC/ 1st Topic/ PROBLEM is important, but the most conspicuous one stems from the fact that IDEA 1, because/and EXPLAIN IDEA 1. For instance, the research in this area invariably shows that EXAMPLE. For this reason, the impacts of TOPIC should not be ignored.


Nevertheless, some people tend to believe that TOPIC/ 2nd Topic/ PROBLEM can be significant/ can be addressed. However, there are innumerable reasons for that, but for the most salient one is that IDEA 2 (Solution), because/and EXPLAIN IDEA 2 . As an illustration, findings of some studies reveal that EXAMPLE. Therefore, the influence of TOPIC/PROBLEM is undeniable.


After analyzing the above discussion, it can be concluded that the impact of TOPIC is significant, although ONE of the IDEAS should not be overlooked.

June 22 Week 2 04 04

Top 10 Essays from the June prediction file,

1. Climate change is a concerning global issue. Who should take the responsibilities, governments, big companies, or individuals?

2. In the past 100 years, there have been many inventions, such as antibiotics, airplanes, and computers. What do you think is the most important of them? Why?

3. Should marketing in companies produce consumer goods like food and clothing, place emphasis on reputation of the company, or short-term strategies like discount and special offers? Why?

4. You are given climate change as the field of study. Which area would you prefer? Explain why you pick this particular area of your study and give an example in the area you pick.

5. There are both problems and benefits for high school students study plays and works of theatres
written centuries ago. Discuss and use your own experience.

6. Large shopping malls are replacing small shops. What is your opinion on this? Do you think this is a good or bad change?

7. There are more and more situations where credit cards are used instead of cash. The idea of a cashless society seems to be becoming more of a reality. How realistic do you think it is? What do you see as the potential benefits or problems?

8. The medical technology is responsible for increasing the average life expectancy. Do you think it is a curse or a blessing?

9. Some people point that experiential learning (i.e., learning by doing) can work well in formal education. However, others think a traditional form of teaching is the best. Do you think experiential learning is beneficial in high school or college?

10. Should parents be held legally responsible for the actions of their children? Do you agree with this
opinion? Support your position with your own study, experience, or observations.


Click on the link to get the full PTE score matrix: https://blog.apical.io/pte-scoring-matrix/

Click to know more: https://www.pearsonpte.com/pte-academic/speaking-writing

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