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4 Best Tips for Your PTE Time Management


During the PTE exam, you need to complete all tasks in a timely manner while maintaining accuracy. But if you are concerned about not completing sections within the PTE time then these tips are for you.

How do you maintain a high degree of efficiency while working under time constraints?

It is hard to complete within the time on the first attempt. Students need to practice more and more to understand the exam pattern and duration. Few tasks are individually timed and few are not. Time management in PTE Reading section is hard because you need to manage your own time. The tasks of the Reading section in PTE are not individually timed. 

PTE test takers rush through the questions in an effort to accomplish the assignment and manage time. As a result, they answer incorrectly. In PTE, time management does not imply accomplishing tasks on schedule but sacrificing effectiveness. It is completing things with high efficiency. Let’s take a look at what you should keep in mind for time management in the PTE exam. The student should take a PTE score mock test to build the habit of finishing the entire exam within the time limit.

Here are some time management tips to help you finish the test and obtain your desired score in PTE.

1. Understand the task duration and the order of the questions.

Taking a practice exam is the only way to recognize the pattern. Nothing beats actual experience when it comes to preparing for a test. It is critical to understand the PTE Listening section’s pattern and duration. During the actual exam, you’ll be prepared to answer the next question at a comfortable pace.

2. Prepare for the tasks that take a long time 

Recognize the types of tasks that consume more time. Try to remember the time while completing each task o

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n a mock test. You’ll quickly figure out how long it takes you to do each task.

3. Effective time management 

The time at which you know instinctively what technique to use for a task in order to get a perfect score. At the end of the day, you should be able to tell when to control your time and when to let go. 

4. Prioritize the tasks that contribute the most scores.

There are some tasks that contribute lots of scores. These tasks can help you achieve a higher score. So allocate your time very wisely so that you can complete all tasks that include high scores. 


Time management allows you to complete activities quickly and efficiently. As a result, it enhances performance and aids in high scoring. As you may already be aware, practice is the key to success, in addition to time management. Preparing for the test ahead of time allows you to avoid making last-minute pressure. If you are not rushed for time then you can give the answer calmly.

Remember that time management is essential in achieving your goal score. Learn the timings, and once you have mastered the methods, practise under timed conditions. 

For your best preparation in PTE, practice on Apical Learning Management System. Where the practice and evaluation system as like real PTE. Apical stands for Australian Professional Institute of Communication And Language. Apical assists students with the provision of educational materials and tools through online courses and coaching.

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A student can connect to the apical portal and find all sorts of support he/she needs. Apical has a Learning Management System (LMS) platform powered by Artificial intelligence, which is a next-generation speech recognition technology. Apical beta version of PTE Speaking scoring automation was used by more than 2000 students from 8 different countries. We are continuously improving our speech recognition engine so that students can confidently practice on our Practice Portal to assess their preparation and progress.

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