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PTE Preparation Strategy To Get Desired Score Of 4 PTE Sections


Each section may be mastered in a few days if you give it your entire attention and concentration, as the test checks your regular communication skills in the English language. For better PTE Preparation, you can always use the online videos and tutorials available on the internet, as well as practice materials. 

All the PTE study materials are available in Apical Study Portal. Apical stands for Australian Professional Institute of Communication And Language. Apical assists students with the provision of educational materials and tools through online courses and coaching.  A student can connect to the apical portal and find all sorts of support he/she needs. Apical has a Learning Management System (LMS) platform powered by Artificial intelligence, which is a next-generation speech recognition technology.  

Each part has its own significance in terms of language proficiency. As a result, each section must be prepared separately.  

 Preparation For PTE Speaking Section?

Some of you may have experienced lower scores in PTE Speaking. Even after multiple times trying you can not gain a good score. Because students lose scores for some common mistakes in PTE speaking section.  Follow the tips to avoid mistakes in Speaking section

  1. The sentences will sound more authentic if you use a rising tone at the beginning and a falling tone at the finish.
  2. If you realize you’ve made a mistake, don’t stop speaking.
  3. Look at the screening while taking notes. because there is no beeping sound.  
  4. If you can’t remember the entire text, at the very least concentrate on the keywords and repeat them. 
  5. Don’t hesitate while pronouncing new vocabulary 
  6. Take pauses in punctuation to breath in and breath out. 

Practice PTE Speaking Section on Apical LMS, which has the next-generation speech recognition technology to help students develop their skills.

People have different voice modulations, and the voice training process helps Apical LMS Dictation Engine to identify voice pitch and tone. The more one practice using Apical PTE Prep. Practice Portal through Apical LMS, the more accurate speech recognition will become.

Apical beta version of PTE Speaking scoring automation was used by more than 2000 students from 8 different countries. We are continuously improving our speech recognition engine so that students can confidently practice on our Practice Portal to assess their preparation and progress.


Preparation For PTE Writing Section?

You must write according to the questions in this part, and your written responses will be graded. With great vocabulary and grammar, you can achieve a perfect score of 90 out of 90. You should anticipate to get a score of roughly 65+ if your vocabulary and grammar are decent.

  1. Long sentences should be avoided because scoring systems may not be able to accurately evaluate them.
  2. Keep an eye out for punctuation errors.
  3. Pay close attention to the last paragraph, which usually offers the text’s summation.
  4. Take notes while listening 
  5. Remember to check your spelling 
  6. Make sure spellings are right. 
  7.  Use the keywords from the audio to make the sentences   
  8. Always check the words limit

To get the best evaluation in your PTE writing, practice in the Apical Learning Management system. 

The ALMS (Apical Learning Management System) not only gives faster access to the PTE speaking section but also assists you with all the improvement tools. The apical platform enables the most important questions filtered from the PTE exam to be practiced.

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 Preparation For PTE Reading Section?

The key to passing the PTE Academic reading portion is fluency in reading, attention, and comprehension. When taking the exam, you’ll use all of these talents at once, but you’ll have to study them one at a time while practicing.

  1. To obtain the correct answer, understand the passage’s core message and concentrate on keywords.
  2. Dont give blank answer, as there is no negative marking 
  3. To understand what kind of information to look for, read the question before reading the text.
  4. Remember the material in the passage because the questions will not be answered in order and the solution will be found anywhere in the passage.
  5. Express the same idea with different words. 

Practice PTE Reading questions sample from Apical Learning Management system. In where you will evaluate in multiples parameters in each question. 

Apical has a dedicated team that is constantly reviewing the backend features for assessment, and every day it’s learning application is getting better and better. Cutting-edge technologies power our practice and learning portal (ALMS) through Google, Amazon, Open AI, etc.


Preparation For PTE Listening Section?

Questions in this section are based on audio and video clips. You get to listen to each audio or video clip only once. 

  1. Practice on actively listening
  2. Listening to different audios will expand your vocabulary which will help you to better understand the PTE audio. 
  3. Leave blanks if you are not sure about the answer. This section has negative marking 
  4. It is suggested that you read the questions before listening to the audio.
  5. Keep your concentrate till the last,, as the answers may be found there. 
  6. Practice over and over with PTE audio lecture materials.

To have the best preparation, you will find all kinds of PTE Listening practice materials in Apical LMS.

Apical team has been in the field of English Language Test preparation coaching since 2014, and we have helped hundreds and thousands of students to achieve their required scores in the PTE test in the last 6 years.

Read more to Prepare for PTE: https://blog.apical.io/how-to-prepare-for-pte-academic/

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