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Perfect Preparation Strategy For Your PTE Academic Exam Day

PTE Academic Exam is done on a computer at one of the PTE test centers, where roughly 10–15 people are normally taking the test at the same time. You must reach the center half an hour prior to your test to check-in securely and prepare for the exam.

Whenever you get there

When you arrive at your Pearson exam center, one of the pleasant  Test Center Administrators will meet you. They will lead you through the check-in process to ensure that you are aware of and familiar with our policies and procedures. pte academic exam

To verify your identity, they will:                                            

  • Request to see your ID
  • Take a digital photograph of you
  • Ask for your digital signature
  • Scan your palm

Once complete, they will provide you with a locker for your personal belongings, and ensure you are ready for your test.

During the test time

One of the Test Center Administrators will lead you to a partitioned booth with a computer, keyboard, audio headset, and chair where you will take your test.                                                              Follow us on Instagram 1

The majority of the test centers are tiny, with only about 10 seats in each.

Other test-takers may be in surrounding booths, and you may be able to hear your neighbors talking as they take their exams.

Don’t worry; microphones won’t pick up what they’re saying, and you’ll be answering separate questions, so it won’t influence your score.

A QWERTY keyboard will be utilized on your computer; if you are unfamiliar with this sort of keyboard, we recommend that you practice with one before your exam day.

Acceptable ID

PTE tests are taken in a highly secure test center, so it’s very important to verify the identity of all of the test takers. When you arrive to take your test, you must provide an acceptable identification document (ID). 

In most cases, this ID will usually be your passport. If you do not have a passport, you may be able to use an alternative depending on your chosen PTE test.

Checklist for the test day

Are you getting ready for your PTE exam? Keep in mind the following: pte academic exam

  • Make sure you have acceptable identification, which is generally your passport. You won’t be able to take your test without it.
  • Check-in and pass security at least 30 minutes before your exam.
  • Check verify the name on your test booking matches the name on your ID; if you have any questions, contact customer service immediately.  

Now Before the PTE Academic Exam Day 3 MUST Task to Do

Practice Most Important exam questions in APICAL LMS:

Prediction file is a collection of real exam questions of the PTE Exam that may appear in future exams also. Our R&D team is developed on continuous checking of the frequency of any question’s repetition in 40 PTE Centres in 12 countries. All the questions got verified by our Trainers & Students. So you can easily understand the importance of the prediction file. Now you will practice this  

Takes full-scored Mock Test from Apical:

A full-scored Mock test will give you the experience of a real test. As practice and real exam, experience is completely different that’s why our expert always recommends taking a full mock test. Apical LMS has the latest Artificial Intelligence technology by which a student can see every single question evaluation. APICAL LMS provides the fully evaluated scorecard by which a student can get real feedback of the performance by AI.

One-One Consultation from APICAL Experts:

The last Preparation of the exam is taking final consultation from the expert where they will suggest the personalized exam strategy, especially for the student who is taking consultation. The actual benefits of consultation are the expertise and the experience. Our experts have more than 7 years of experience in this sector. They will give you the best strategy for the exam.

Checklist for final preparation

  • Practice Latest Prediction File in APICAL LMS
  • Takes full-scored Mock Test from APICAL
  • One-One Consultation from APICAL Experts

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