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How to succeed at the PTE!

How to succeed at the PTE!

How tough is the PTE?

The PTE test is physically demanding, so you should be prepared to go toe-to-toe for 3 hours with it as the Speaking and Writing section can between 77-93 minutes; Reading, from 32-41 minutes, and Listening from 45-57 minutes. Therefore, you need to rest before the test and you have to be prepared.

It may sound silly, but you should practise getting enough sleep a week prior to your test as this will help you stay alert for the duration of the test.

 Apical Blog - Your Daily DigestHow do I prepare for the PTE?

Preserving a positive attitude in your preparation and during the exam is important. ‘Be positive’ when you practise by maintaining that you can master all 20 task requirements. One way to help yourself is to know the E2 method for each task. Certainly, some of the E2 methods are easier than others but know them all so you can immediately respond to each task as soon as you recognise it.

LEARN the methods, PRACTISE the methods, GET FEEDBACK

STUDY 1-3 hours a day, 4-5 days a week, for
4-6 weeks

Be aggressive with ‘the methods’ in this way to ensure that you can focus on each task as you move through the sections of the test. Your score will dramatically improve.

Use cards to prompt your memory

There are many ways to organize your time and your practice before your PTE exam. One successful way to study is to continually review individual tasks that make up the test. Use an index card and write down the name of an individual task on the top of the card, like ‘Retell Lecture’. Write the E2 ‘Method’ for Retell Lecture under the its title. Then do 2 or 3 practice sets using a ‘Timer’ set at 40 seconds. Follow the same procedure and move on to the next task.

If you begin in this way and organise all 20 tasks on index cards, you can easily review all of the cards quickly anywhere to go, or you can use them to organize a daily schedule to work on different tasks or on entire parts of the test.

Persistence brings success

Finally, don’t be afraid to work hard to master all aspects of the PTE. If you can’t hear the cheers from the audience as you move from your first language towards fluency in English, you will hear it from every instructor and employee at E2 language. It takes guts and determination to succeed at anything, including the PTE.

We know that you are a superstar for the work you put in. Hard work pays off!

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