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Apical can Help to Increase PTE Success Rate by SMART Goal

PTE students have a lot of ambition. The majority of them want PTE success in order to work or study in a new country. To apply for the university course they wish to take or get their visa granted, they will need to receive a particular grade on their report.

These are big goals – so how can we support our students in achieving their ambitions? SMART goals are one way of helping our students to succeed. 

What are SMART goals? 

Since the 1980s, SMART goals have been popular. They were originally developed for use in the business world, but they may now be used to any long-term goals or desires, such as learning a language. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely, and they may help students build and design a study plan by providing an organized approach to exam preparation. They will be able to track their progress toward attaining the PTE score they require by using SMART goals. Students will be able to test their language skills and find possibilities for development on their PTE journey with the support of SMART goals. 

So, what does a SMART goal look like in the context of learning a language and preparing to sit PTE? 

SMART goals for PTE Success

When it comes to language learning, sometimes goals should be very much specified. i.e. “I want to improve my English.”  this type of goal is vague. But, in planning to sit PTE, students have already set themselves a SMART goal:  

🎯 Specific – Need to get a certain score on PTE is a very specific goal. pte success

Measurable – Sitting an exam is an excellent way of measuring your language progress.  

🥦 Attainable – Aiming for a certain score on PTE is a good example of an achievable language learning goal, instead of saying, “I want to be fluent in English”. 

🔗 Relevant – Most PTE students need to pass the exam in order to get a permanent visa or study purpose, so getting the right PTE score is definitely a goal that is relevant to their lives and ambitions.  

🕐 Timely – Most students who are studying for PTE have a fixed time in mind.

Well, now PTE students have already made a good start. But how can they set SMART goals as part of their study plan? 

How APICAL can help them to increase PTE success SMART goal?

The first stage in PTE is determining where students are weak – and how we might help them.

When it comes to getting the right score on PTE, a good level of English isn’t enough. Test takers will also need to practice the various task types and create strategies for each task to do well in the exam.


“By the end of the semester, I will increase my PTE score to 79+ through focusing on my reading, writing, speaking, and listening skill”. How you will achieve this goal with the help of APICAL:-

🎯 Specific

By practicing in APICAL students will get very personalized feedback on any content. Our learning management system gives feedback on every question word by word. The specialty is Apical LMS will evaluate every single word and suggest to students a measurement of whether it was good or poor. 


This is an easy goal to measure, as the PTE exam provides the score. Every student sits for the exam with a target, Apical will know if they are on track to success or not. Students can show their current position in the dashboard. They will show the expert trainers their practice dashboard in the consultation. The trainer can correct their mistakes and suggest areas for further improvement.  

🥦 Attainable 

Can your student achieve this goal? Can they push their score to the level they need? Our system will be able to determine that – but, if they are capable of success in Reading and Writing, they should be able to bring their listening skills and speaking skills up to standard as well. 

🔗 Relevant 

Is this goal relevant to the student’s overall ambition? Absolutely – for example, the type of writing skills tested in PTE Academic will come in useful when writing essays, reports, and professional emails. So, your student will be building a skill set that will last them a lifetime.  

🕐 Timely

What’s a reasonable timeframe to improve the score? In this case, the student’s goal states that it should be completed by the end of the semester. Other timeframes will depend on when your student is planning to sit PTE and their current ability. Our expert trainer can suggest the time by seeing their current situation.

pte success


The Apical blogs cover everything you need to know about taking PTE Academic – from How to prepare for PTE Academic to how PTE Academic Scoring Matrix can help you to prepare, how to succeed in PTE. All the information you will find.

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