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A detailed overview on PTE Speaking item Read Aloud

If you are a PTE aspirant then it is very important for you to know each topic of the PTE syllabus very well. You must know the importance level of each topic and how to perform them perfectly. If you are new to PTE, it’s important for you to know that in PTE there are 4 sections (Speaking, Writing, Reading & Listening). Speaking is the first section of PTE. That means in the PTE exam you will have Speaking questions at first. 

There are 5 topics you need to cover in the PTE Speaking section. Read Aloud is the first item of PTE Speaking. In this item, A text of up to 60 words will appear on the screen which needs to be read aloud. A countdown appears on the recording status box until the microphone opens, the whole process allows 30-35 seconds of preparation time. Speaking should be clear and not rushed.

When the time is up, the word “Recording” changes to “Completed” and the chance of submitting a response is only once. You will get 6-7 tasks in the exam on this item.

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Importance of Read Aloud:

Read Aloud is a very important topic of PTE. It contributes to high scores in the PTE Reading and Speaking section. Read Aloud inputs 26% of total Reading scores along with 20% of total Speaking scores. 

Scoring System:

Being one of the most important topics of PTE and contributing high marks in PTE reading and speaking, it is scored on the content, pronunciation, and oral fluency. As Read Aloud is an item from the Speaking section, oral fluency and pronunciation are very important. If you pronounce wrong, have less oral fluency and the content of the text doesn’t match the answer, you lose marks.

Strategies & Techniques: Follow the strategies & techniques to perform well in Read Aloud,

1. Read the text before the recording starts loudly. Need to focus on topic, Less familiar words pronunciation, Punctuation

2. Keep attention to the recording Bar

3. Time management is very important for Read Aloud.

⇒If you get 4 lines in the text on the computer screen, You need to finish the answer in between 25-30 seconds. (Ideal range is 25-28 sec)

⇒If you get 3 lines, the time range has to be 20-25 sec

⇒If you get 2 lines, the time range has to be 15-20 sec

4. Don’t stop

5. Click ‘Next’ once finished.

Special Note: 

⇒Maintain the tone during reading

⇒Be a bit aggressive while answering rather than being soft

⇒The speaking flow must be natural

⇒Don’t speak too fast or too slow

Let’s have a look at the Common Mistakes to avoid in Read aloud,

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As we know in the Read Aloud, clear and correct pronunciation of the words is very important to get a good score, Let’s practice some pronunciation,

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Now let’s see how Apical helps students to prepare for Read Aloud,

Apical is an amazing platform where a student gets Artificial Intelligence support to practice their lessons and also can get expert feedback via consultation. Artificial intelligence helps the students to evaluate their performance and enhance their skills. 

Analyzes voice pitch and provides AI Feedback:

The AI system of Apical analyzes a practice content pitch of voice also. It will evaluate whether the voice pitch is low or high. A student can see the word perfect pitch, high pitch, the low pitch also where he/she took pauses. As Read aloud contributes score in both the Speaking and Reading section, apical shows the marks a student gets in both speaking and reading. A student can see the marks and also get AI Feedback.

Evaluate answers word by word with details:

Apical LMS evaluates every content word by word. It will measure the content in 4 categories, good, average, poor, and pause. The specialty is this system will evaluate every single word and suggest to students a measurement of whether it was good or poor. A student can see how many words he or she did well, or poorly. The students also find each and every word’s meaning and pronunciation both in the US and Uk versions. Thus our system helps students to improve continuously. 

Tracks practice attempts:

Every item of PTE is measured by certain criteria which evaluate a students’ enabling skills. Read Aloud is an item where fluency, pronunciation, and content are measured. Apical helps a student to track each of his/her practice attempts so that he/she can compare the latest one with the previous practice record of a certain question and compare the improvements and lacking. 

For Example, a student has attempted a particular content in Read aloud 20 times. Apical will save his/her performance and show the recent 10 performances on the screen so that a student can compare and find the improvement areas.

Measures importance of a question:

Apical shows the importance level of a content so that a student can identify which question he/she should practice more. For example, whether the content is a high frequency or not they can see it. Thus a student can understand the importance of his/her practice.

Compares with the inbuilt sample answer:

After practicing a content, the Apical AI system will save the practice answer so that the student can hear it further, and also there are sample answers both in male and female versions to evaluate his/her performance. 

Approach manual feedback from Experts:  

Students can also request a manual check of that particular content. Where a student gets feedback from an expert trainer.

Discussion Forum:  

In this forum, students can discuss among them and get feedback and suggestions from each other and also from the trainers.

Apical is a world-class practice platform for the students which we can call an all-in-one solution for the students. The more one practice using Apical PTE Prep. Practice Portal through Apical LMS, the more accurate speech recognition will become. Our beta version of PTE Speaking scoring automation was used by more than 2000 students from 8 different countries. Apical team has been in the field of English Language Test preparation coaching since 2014, and we have helped hundreds and thousands of students to achieve their required scores in the PTE test in the last 6 years.

Follow the score matrix to know the score distribution of the PTE Exam:https://blog.apical.io/pte-scoring-matrix/


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