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3 Ways To Improve Your English Skill For Preparing New PTE Academic Test

If you’re at home, why not take the time to brush up on your skills? Here are 3 ways to improve your English skill sitting at home.

Watching English-language television and movies can help you develop your listening skills and introduce you to a variety of dialects. It also helps you improve your fast-paced reading abilities with subtitles enabled. With programs like Rave and Telepathy, you may host an online “streaming party” and watch with your pals.  

Listen to podcasts

Podcasts have been a popular language-learning tool in recent years. It’s for a good purpose, too. They’re not only a fun and entertaining method to enhance your listening skills, but they also provide you the opportunity to hear how English speakers talk with one another outside of the classroom—even if you’re studying online from home.

There are several podcasts available for English language learners. Many websites provide transcriptions and vocabulary lists to assist you in your studies. However, you may listen to podcasts on almost any subject imaginable. Consider current events, true crime, the arts and culture, business, and other topics.

Practice Listening & Speaking in Apical LMS english skills

  • If a transcript is available for the podcast you’re listening to, read it while you listen.
  • Go to the apical site listen to audio and try to note down
  • Every 20 seconds or so, pause the audio to repeat what the guest has said. 
  • Focus on whole ideas and topics rather than details

Write journal or diary in English

During the epidemic, many individuals began to keep notebooks. We’re living in a historic era, and the goal is to document their lives as well as what’s going on around the globe. If this is something that interests you, why not keep a diary in English detailing your lockdown experience? This will not only help you develop your writing abilities, but it will also serve as a therapeutic outlet for you to relax and clear your mind when life becomes too hectic.

Practice Writing in Apical LMS

Writing is not a skill that can learn in a few days. What have you accomplished today? Have you recently seen any good films? What’s an intriguing fact you recently discovered? If writing a few paragraphs every day seems onerous, consider keeping a one-sentence notebook in which you write one English sentence every day.

  • Every day, set aside a few minutes to write.
  • Practice writing in APICAL and take AI feedback
  • Focus on sentence construction for write essay
  • Try to write clear and concise sentence 
  • Learn more sentence connectors for summarize spoken text 


Stream movies and shows

When the pandemic came, streaming services witnessed a large surge, which was unsurprising. People in the worldApical Blog Assest 14 February Featured Image copy 3 spent more than an hour per day viewing movies or shows under lockdown, which was more than double what they did before the coronavirus.

While spending so much time in front of the computer may make you feel bad, it doesn’t have to be that way. After all, watching movies and TV shows online may be a terrific method to improve your English skills!

There’s even the opportunity to practice your writing and speaking skills as you chat about the movie or show with each other in English. 

Practice Listening & Reading in Apical LMS

  • Change the subtitles to English as your abilities improve so you can listen and read along.
  • Write down new vocabulary terms in a notebook while you watch.
  • You could find that as the week progresses, your abilities improve, and your vocabulary list shrinks.
  • Pay attention to the collocation of the words to rescue. 


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