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3 Reasons why make PTE different

3 reasons why PTE is one of the world’s leading English language test providers.

Pearson Test of English, (PTE Academic) was launched in 2009. It is one of the most discussed English language tests around the world. Each year tens of thousands of people trust PTE to help them prove their English proficiency for study, work, or migration.

PTE is considered an alternative to IELTS in many of the countries due to it’s easy-to-go nature. It is far easier to get a score in PTE than IELTS.

 So, what makes PTE different?

3PTE is a machine-oriented scoring test that conducts accurate, fast, and objective scores. As PTE is a totally machine-based test, there is no human touch and no scope of biasness.

So, PTE conducts the accurate scoring analyzed by a highly developed algorithm. Also, it takes less time than IELTS in the PTE test. You can complete the test within 2 hours now as per the new changes in PTE from November 2021(Previously it was a 3 hours long exam).

The result of the PTE test is officially published within 5 business days. But most of the students get the result within 48 hours of the test taken. The score report of the PTE test is provided based on 4 communicative (Speaking, Writing, Reading, & Listening).

How does Apical prepare you for the test?

Apical is a next-generation technology-based platform that helps students to develop their skills in machine-oriented tests. Many of us feel a lack of confidence when it comes to taking a test on a computer. We are comfortable with pen & paper tests mostly. Apical trains a student to get comfortable with machine testing.

It’s user-friendly nature makes it easy for the students to adapt the functions and practice without any hassle. Apical offers a very well-organized practice platform where even a student with very little idea about online practice platforms can easily operate it. 

Besides practicing all the topics of PTE, students can also take the full mock tests or partial mock tests on APICAL that gives an experience of real PTE tests. Apical LMS (Learning Management System) has the latest Artificial Intelligence technology by which a student can get an evaluation for every single question of a mock test. Apical provides instant detailed AI feedback with a full scorecard.



PTE is like a revolution in the English proficiency testing industry.  It is the first completely computer-based test that involves no physical examiner presence. It’s a completely automated test.

As PTE, Apical is like a revolution in the field of English language test preparation platforms. It’s highly developed next-generation learning management system takes your PTE preparation to a next level where you can witness your own improvements and can ensure your success.

The upgraded technology used is Apical evaluates each of your performances individually and breaks each part of your answer to show you the corrects and the incorrect. No other practice platform in the current era has such a fine mechanism to give this much detailed feedback.


1English is itself an international language. There is a myth that the English language can be measured by 2 parameters that are American & British English. But PTE has broken this barrier. PTE test allows every type of English existing in this world. It can be Australian, Canadian, Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese, or any other English form.

PTE allows you to get English proficiency in your own comfort zone. You don’t need to struggle with the accent in the PTE test. All you just need to be fluent in your form of English where other language tests are restricted in two English language parameters. 


Join APICAL to make your PTE preparation journey fruitful!

Source: https://www.pearsonpte.com/about-us

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