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10 PTE Pronunciation tips to crack Score

Every student who aspires to enjoy the vast educational, cultural, and developmental options available in studying abroad hopes of scoring 79 or above on the PTE exam. It is not, however, as simple as it appears. PTE, academic measure, your English speaking, listening, reading, and writing in a single and short test. The test consists of a series of carefully constructed questions that assess an aspirant’s proficiency in the English language. Because the exam consists of four comprehensive sections, passing it requires careful planning and attention.

The PTE speaking exam is always a source of anxiety for test participants, particularly non-native speakers. PTE applicants frequently perform well in the other three sections but struggle to pass the speaking section. Because the PTE is a computer-based exam, correct approaches can be used to prepare for speaking. Pronunciation is the most important thing to get your desired score in PTE Speaking. You can follow a variety of activities to improve your PTE pronunciation skills.

Pronunciation is the ability to produce speech sounds in a way that is easily understandable to most regular speakers of the language. Pronunciation contributes score in 4 topics:

  • Read Aloud
  • Repeat sentence
  • Repeat sentence
  • Describe Image
Read about PTE scoring matrix: https://blog.apical.io/pte-scoring-matrix/
The score depends on the production of the content and content directly depends on pronunciation. It is important that you understand correct intonation, correct way of pronunciation, clarity, and focus on sentence structure.
  1. You have to make sure the vowels and consonants should clearly understandable to the regular speaker. As long as there is clarity in your pronunciation, the accent doesn’t matter.Apical Blog Assest 24 February FI L Week 3 3
  2. The headset and the microphone you are speaking through, need to be loud enough for the computer to capture.
  3. Remember to add tones in the sentences. emphasize the words. Emphasize the word tone when you want to give importance to the word and raise your voice. Lower your voice for the less important word.
  4. Don’t speak in one constant breath, when you do that at the end you will run out of breath and in last part of the sentence will not be very clear. And you will miss many keywords.
  5. Take pauses in punctuation to breath in and breath out. Focus on silent letters Like p in psycho is silent
  6. Place the microphone correctly. Louder the voice if the environment is noisy
  7. Clarity of the sentence based on intonation, breathing, rhythm and stress.
  8. Fluency is your first priority in speaking module. Avoid taking long pauses while responding to the question. Also, do not re-correct if you have said anything wrong.
  9. Focus on your intonation. Be natural while speaking and pay attention to where and when to stress on a particular sentence. You are a human, not a robot.
  10. Open your mouth properly while speaking. The computer only understands the sounds of the English language and not your voice. Whispering your response while the computer records will result in losing scores.

Apical Blog Assest 24 February FI L Week 3 4 1


Make the most of those spare minutes to practice your PTE skills:

  • Complete short, 5-10 minute practice activities each day to maintain and build your knowledge.
  • Practice speaking English at your home, school or workplace.
  • Join English-speaking groups. They offer the opportunity to practice both speaking and listening skills.
  • Listen to English-speaking media, like television (use English subtitles if available) and radio broadcasts.
  • Observe native speakers and listen to the language used in different contexts


How  Apical will help you to practice and achieve your required PTE score? 

Apical has its own Learning Management System (LMS) powered by a world-class platform that helps change the world by providing the tools to share knowledge through online courses and coaching. Cutting-edge technologies power our practice and learning portal (ALMS) through Google, Amazon, Open AI, etc. Apical team has been in the field of English Language Test preparation coaching since 2014, and we have helped hundreds and thousands of students to achieve their required scores in the PTE test in the last 6 years.

Apical LMS has the next-generation speech recognition technology to help students access their PTE Speaking section faster. People have different voice modulations, and the voice training process helps Apical LMS Dictation Engine to identify voice pitch and tone. The more one practice using Apical PTE Prep.

Practice Portal through Apical LMS, the more accurate speech recognition will become. While students are practicing, they can also request a manual review for their speaking section. Our experts can add speed phrases, names on technical terms into the vocabulary for even more accurate speech recognition. Our beta version of PTE Speaking scoring automation was used by more than 2000 students from 8 different countries. We are continuously improving our speech recognition engine so that students can confidently practice on our Practice Portal to assess their preparation and progress.

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Read to boost your PTE speaking score:   https://blog.apical.io/a-detailed-overview-on-pte-speaking-item-read-aloud/
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